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Dalavich, Argyll and the Scottish Highlands host a myriad of beautiful attractions, from awesome landscapes and wonderful wildlife, to Scottish heritage and tourist attractions. Relaxation is guaranteed in Dalavich, but we are sure many of you will want to do more than just relax, and hope that we can provide some of the information you may need to help plan your stay in Scotland.

Local Birds and Wildlife

There are many different birds in the Highlands of Argyll, many of them rare or protected species. Our own glen is a haven for both wild birds and rare animals. Whilst we are known to be home to a variety of different species, we have only listed here sightings made at the Old School, or on one of the roads leading to us from Kimelford, Taynuilt, or Ford.

Driving in from Taynuilt there are deer in a farm near the start of the road, Highland Cattle and Sheep on the road, and Alpaca beyond Dalavich, on the road to Ford.


At the last count we had at seven active nest at The Old School and being a single story building this means that virtually every window affords a close up view of the swallows. Some windows near the nests offer spectacular viewing points for their aerial acrobatics.


There is a nesting pair on the road to Ford, and both we and our guests have reported regular sightings. So far nobody has succeeded in getting a good photograph but I am sure that sooner or later we will have one in a guest gallery.


Pam, our web designer caught sight of an owl flying over The Old School late one night. She was unable to confirm the species but we are now all hoping for another sighting.

Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle is a very large bird of prey, with a wingspan of more than 2 metres. Whilst we haven't been lucky enough to sight these ourselves, Pam and one of our guests from Siemens were lucky enough to glimpse one of a nesting pair of Golden Eagles on the WLATHR (West Loch Awe Timber Haulage Route), whilst travelling up to work on the Carraig Gheal Wind Farm.


Having migrated from the south, where sparrows are almost a threatened species, watching 7 or 8 sparrows taking a dust bath in the car park was just amazing!


Often fly overhead and I'm not an expert so haven't worked out how many varieties we have.

Pine Marten

So far only Peter has seen these, he was driving up the glen very late one night and a pair ran across the road in front of him.

Wild Cats

Driving back from the airport one July, having collected Pete and his Mum, we were delighted to see a Wild Cat cross the road in front of us. Awesome!