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July 2012

Refurbishment of Geography is underway – we have added coving to the magnificently high ceilings. We are painting the ceilings, coving, and woodwork brilliant white to maximise the light, airy feel and again having considered our guests feedback are introducing some colour. We are creating an accent wall in each room and using light contrast colours to ensure we keep the wonderful sense of space. Each apartment has been given a set of baking materials, so that should the traditional Scottish weather make a return, our guests can indulge in a spot of home baking.

The wild foxgloves are rampant just now and look absolutely gorgeous in the hedgerows and on the hillsides.

June 2012

We moved to Scotland because we love it and because it’s cooler and wetter than the rest of the country. However, here we sit basking in glorious sunshine while our friends and family down south are having record breaking rainfall!

The swallows are still frantically active, I've never been so close to them, beautiful birds and the fledglings are adorable! They just sit on the rails outside the entrance calling for Mum and Dad and looking cute. Fortunately they are savvy enough to keep out of our cat Fluffy's way! They sit outside the window tormenting her but get airborne the minute she appears outside. Plus the parents gang up and dive bomb Fluffy whenever she is out in the open, so I have to provide an escort for her to make it across the lawn to the safety of the house. Poor Fluffy, still as card carrying members of the RSPB, we'd rather Fluffy was scared of the swallows and keeping well away from them, than hunting them!

May 2012

We are well into the swing of this property and whilst there is much we want to do, it is none-the-less a truly restful and relaxing place. The first apartment to be refurbished will be Geography as this is looking a little tired and care worn. We will having taken feedback from guests, keep The Old School theme, but intend to give each apartment a little more panache!

We have installed a washing machine for our guests to use and started work on the grounds maintenance. That of course, necessitated the purchase of a ride-on lawnmower much to the delight of our eldest grandson who has suddenly developed a love of lawn mowing. Willie Cameron and Peter have to get in line and wait their turn to mow the lawn! Still with the delightful weather we are having, lots of sun and occasional brief showers of rain, it needs doing quite often.

I'm finding it hard to concentrate on my business activities because the swallows are swooping around the eaves taking care of business and raising their young.

April 2012

We took ownership of The Old School on the 20th April and despite all the usual stresses and traumas associated with moving home are delighted with the area, the peace and quite, and the amazing sense of having come home. We are looking forward to sharing this delightful place with many visitors.